Energy expert dismisses Zuma's nuclear deal comment

Energy expert Tobias Bischof-Niemz has poured water to former president Jacob Zuma's comments that the proposed nuclear energy deal would've solved Eskom's crisis.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Jacob Zuma has defended a proposed nuclear energy deal, saying it would've solved Eskom's crisis.

Zuma said the country would have spent trillions over a short period, but it would have been able to make returns.

But energy expert Tobias Bischof-Niemz disagrees with Zuma, saying the process could have taken about ten years, leaving the country in crisis till 2023.

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"The nuclear project that was in discussion for years stems from the integrated nuclear plan.

"As for that plan, the first reactor would have come online in 2023," said Bischof-Niemz.

"Even if we had implemented the IRP 2010, the first reactor would come online in four years from now."


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