Eskom implements stage 1 load-shedding until 11pm

File: Eskom has also warned that load-shedding is here to stay. This is due to no maintenance having been done on some of the units for years. Flickr/Jalal Hameed Bhatti

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom will implement stage 1 load-shedding until 23:00 on Friday.

The power utility says this is as a result of an "improved prognosis" for the day.

According to Eskom, pumped storage schemes have been sufficiently replenished.

It says it will continue to work to improve on the levels of diesel at open cycle gas turbine generators. 

"Our intention is, however, to use as little diesel as possible to manage our costs. Our diesel generators will therefore only be used in the event of emergencies to back up our other units."

Eskom asks customers to reduce demand as a concerted collective effort can help to avoid or reduce the level of load-shedding.


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