Eskom: Load-shedding here to stay

There will be no respite from load-shedding any time soon, but Eskom says it's working on dealing with its many problems. Heidi Giokos reports. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG  - Eskom says it’s working tirelessly to deal with its issues.

Cable theft, meter tampering and municipal debt remain among the biggest problems.

The power utility has also warned that load-shedding is here to stay.

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This is due to no maintenance having been done on some of the units for years.

“I believe we will see the first step-change in April next year. But the risk will improve up until the winter period next year," said Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer.

"However, up until then the chances of load-shedding remains. I would like to emphasise this point, that’s where we find ourselves and up until we have a chance to do adequate liability maintenance and mid-life refurbishment, we believe that we will get to a much better position.”

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Eskom is working with the courts to attach the assets of municipalities that are in the red.

Municipal debt is now more than R31-billion.

“It is very important for all consumers in South Africa to pay for the electricity they consume," said Eskom CEO, Andre de Ruyter.

"Municipal debt still poses a major challenge. It leaves us with no option but to take assertive steps to arrest the further accumulation of debt and previous debt.” 

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Eskom will be releasing its financials next week with losses running into the billions.

While the problems are many for Eskom, it says its main priority is to have a viable and stable grid. 

* eNCA’s Heidi Giokos has more. Watch the video above.


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