Eskom releases blackout schedule for Thursday

Well into winter, and South Africa is firmly in the grips of an energy crisis. Thanks to Eskom's new schedule of rolling blackouts, many South Africans are both waking up and going to bed with no electricity. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Stage 6 blackouts are underway until 10pm Wednesday evening, thereafter Stage 4 until midnight.

Stage 2 will kick in from midnight to 5am and then back to Stage 4 for much of Thursday.

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And that's if all goes well.

Eskom says while some workers who embarked on a wildcat strike are back at work, there's still a high level of absenteeism.

The protest followed a deadlock in wage talks.

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Unions will meet bosses again on Friday.

The utility is expected to table a revised wage offer then.

Eskom says acts of intimidation and workers staying home led to the need to implement Stage 6 power cuts.


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