Evictions under way in Dunkeld West

Evictions under way in Dunkeld West. Several people who've lived there for years claim they weren't served notices, but officials are denying this. eNCA's Silindelo Masikane reports. #DStv403

     * Editor's note: This is a developing story. We will bring you updates as more information becomes available.

JOHANNESBURG - A number of people have been evicted from a property on busy Bompas Road in suburban Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Several people, who say they've lived there for over ten years, claim they weren't served notices.

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Attorneys say the residents were told ahead of time that Tuesday would be the day the evictions would be carried out.

Hannes Jordaan from Jordaan Attorneys said, "on numerous occasions, they have been notified, they are well aware of the situation. They're well aware that they have hijacked this property and they are not here on a lawful basis."



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