EXCLUSIVE: Hospital shares CCTV footage of wounded DUT student

DURBAN - The Durban City Hospital says it’s not true they turned away a dying DUT student this week and they have the footage to prove it.

Mlungisi Madonsela (20) died on Tuesday after being shot during a protest at the Durban University of Technology (DUT). 

eNCA obtained exclusive footage of Madonsela being rushed into the hospital and taken to the emergency unit.

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The EFF student command at DUT claims Madonsela was refused treatment.

One of the doctors who attended to Madonsela said this is not true. 

The doctor who asked to remain anonymous said, “basically the patient was brought in as an emergency and rushed down to our resus bay and from there myself and the four nurses that were on duty on that day attended to the patient, started resuscitating. He sustained a gunshot wound to the right side of his abdomen."

"When he came in he was in quite a bad condition, basically he had intra-abdominal bleeding, we tried to resuscitate him for over half an hour but unfortunately he didn’t make it”.

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City Hospital said it has a long history of treating students from DUT.

“DUT because of its proximity to us has an arrangement where they send their patient emergencies through to us. They have an account with us," said City Hospital manager, Rafeek Nakoda.

The student command remains adamant the dying student did not receive help at the hospital.

Madonsela is to be laid to rest next week.