EXCLUSIVE: Police unit tasked to battle heists not qualified

The police are facing tricky questions, after a spike in the number of Cash-in-Transit heists. Courtesy #DS

JOHANNESBURG - There was a more than 50-percent increase in Cash in Transit heists last year, this was revealed in the 2017/2018 crime stats.

There was almost one cash in transit heist in South Africa every day.

The Special Task Force boss allegedly decided to stop deploying members.

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In a 2016 internal audit, seen by eNCA, it was found that some members of the Special Task Force, whose job it is to move in, on these crimes, were not qualified to be part of the unit.

It further reveals that in Pretoria alone, 95-percent of the Task Force members, do not have proof of a "scare skills" qualifications, which is something, that's needed for the job. 

eNCA reporter Aldrin Sampear spoke to several task force members, on condition that their identity remained secret. 

Watch the video above.