EXCLUSIVE: Security companies up their game against transit heists

Private security companies are stepping up a gear to fight cash in transit heists and it’s all technology-based. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Private security companies are moving up a gear to fight cash in transit heists and it is all technology based.

They are spending millions on upgrading their trucks and response systems.

Syndicates are using explosives and signal jammers.

Now companies like Fidelity Security are pulling out all the stops to stay ahead of the game.

It’s about protecting the investment – and those who risk their lives with every trip.

Fidelity spends R4.5-million a month on additional security.

Technology was upgraded in response to a spike in cash in transit heists three years ago.

It exposed the weaknesses in the company’s transport system.


eNCA has been told it takes a lot of planning, a person on the inside and a heavy dose of innovation. Govan Whittles spoke to the people who’ve spent years on both sides of this divide. Courtesy #DStv403

As police claim victory with the announcement of a 30-percent decline in such crimes.

In an exclusive interview with eNCA, an ex cash in transit robber told a story about what the inner circle of this highly sophisticated syndicate is like.

He spent six years as a foot soldier, participating in more than 200 cash in transit robberies in Gauteng alone.

The groups are meticulous, brazen and determined.

In an eNCA exclusive tonight – we bring you a conversation with an ex-cash in transit robber.