Experts doubt Eskom's Stage 4 load-shedding excuse


Eskom has announced that rotational load-shedding has moved up to stage 4.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa is once again in the dark.

Eskom implemented Stage 4 load-shedding just after noon on Saturday and rolling blackouts are set to continue on Sunday.

The power utility blames the shortage of generation capacity on plant breakdowns and the loss of Mozambique imports.

But energy analyst Chris Yelland says Stage 4 load-shedding on a weekend is unprecedented.

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Yelland says solutions are available.

"The situation for business is very bad, there are some quick wins," said Yelland.

"First, sort out the unplanned breakdown by doing proper maintenance. Secondly, unlock the potential of customers of electricity to become the solution by allowing them to self-generate or supplement electricity."

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Climate change expert Boby Scholes echoed Yelland's sentiments, saying he doesn't believe the ex-cyclone Idai has had an impact on South Africa.

"I was really surprised to hear that Eskom is blaming load-shedding on the loss of hydraulic power from Mozambique.

"The dam itself will be unaffected, it is a huge dam. It draws its water from Western Zambia... if that is a case it must be the transmission lines," Scholes said.

The risk of load-shedding remains high until Wednesday.

The power utility has appealed to residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly.


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