FF Plus denies being a white conservative party

The FF+ shows signs that they have increased their support base. Courtesy of #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) denied being a white conservative party, saying it appeals to all races.

FF+ MP Wouter Wessels says with the country's politics changing over years, his party has had to adapt.

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"We are not white and conservative. It depends on what you see as conservative. I think South African politics has changed a lot and the Freedom Front Plus has also adapted to a modern South Africa... we are aligned to a majority of communities - especially minority groups though - but it's across racial borders"

The FF+ has caused the biggest shock this election.

Rising from being the seventh largest party in 2014, they look set to grab the number four spot from the IFP.

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Analysts predict that the party could end up with at least 12 seats in Parliament, leaving room for a coalition with other parties.

Wessels says South Africans voted for the FF Plus because of its policies.

"... especially our economic policy, which we drive free market principles such as private property rights, but also ... we had a campaign that said there's hope for a better South Africa for all."


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