Fired Zimbabwean doctors speak out

Some of the fired doctors in Zimbabwe say they've accepted their fate and don't regret their actions. Courtesy #DStv403

HARARE - Some of the fired doctors in Zimbabwe say they've accepted their fate and don't regret their actions.

This week the Zimbabwean government fired over 200 doctors and promises to expel more.

The doctor were dismissed for protesting terrible working conditions and poor salaries.

Prince Butau is one of the doctors fired for striking.

Like other doctors, he was on strike for over 60 days demanding better salaries.

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Butau says he doesn't regret the expulsion and plans to leave the country to seek better opportunities, in other countries.

"So this is the letter which they slipped under my door this letter shows that I have been charged from absenteeism without due course," Butau said.

"I am supposed to evacuate this hospital apartment 30 days from effect of the date I was given it, that’s 5 November. So by 5 December I should have evacuated otherwise there are going to evict me from here."

Butau says he only feels sorry for the majority of poor ordinary Zimbabweans.

He says they don’t have access to better medical services because of poor government administration.

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"I have been standing for what I believe is right and for what I think is right," Butau said.

"I am proud to have been fighting what I believe is the oppression that we are facing currently not only as doctors, but as the rest of civil servants. I feel very sorry for the Zimbabwe population at large which are the one who are losing the expertise and services that we are supposed to offer them as doctors."

Zimbabwean doctors currently earn less than $100 (R1,400) a month.

It's uncertain if government will be replacing the fired doctors.

The country is facing its worst economic crisis in a decade, power cuts and medicine and fuel shortages

State workers marched in the capital Harare demanding better working conditions and salary increments but the protests were blocked by police.