Some planes back in the air following grounding

JOHANNESBURG - Some reprieve for Comair passengers after a frantic morning.

Many were left stranded after several flights were cancelled following the grounding of planes for non-compliance issues.

But the airliner says the planes are back in service and its full fleet will be in the air by Wednesday morning.

People travelling with SAA, British Airways, Kulula and Comair have been affected by the delays.

Airline operators are advising customers to check the status of their flights online.

- Stranded passengers dumbstruck - 

Some passengers were left stranded on Tuesday after several planes were grounded.

This seemingly out of the blue turn of events at airports across the country left some passengers irritated at the inconvenience and others rather pleased with the apparent exhibition of concern for passengers by authorities.

UPDATE: SAA, Comair flights grounded

One passenger says if it takes a being delayed for complete safety on a plane, then absolutely wait.

"We were complimented with a meal voucher and now we are just sitting here and waiting. We are heading to Port Elizabeth for leisure so we are okay and just waiting for our flight.

"I think SAA is pretty on top of things and I think they have our safety at hand. If it means being delayed for safety then absolutely wait."

- Grounding raises concerns - 

SA Flyer Magazine editor Guy Leitch says the grounding raises concerns.

"It is extraordinary that the Civil Aviation Authority has resorted to grounding the airlines," he said.

"One would have thought that they would have thought they would have solved these problems before having to ground the airlines."

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South African Airways spokesperson Tlali Tlali says there is no need to panic.

"This process entails removing the plane from service, attending to certain and specific issues and once they have been certified, they are returned back into service. As matters stand, there is no need to panic," Tlali said. 

"This is part of the exercise we have been taking on an ongoing basis."

Some planes, grounded by the Civil Aviation Authority, have been allowed back into service. #Dstv403