Food security integral to land reform plans: Zokwana

PARLIAMENT - Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana says assuring food security will be an integral part of any land reform plans. 

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Zokwana was speaking in Parliament, where he also shed light on an ongoing court case around fish stocks in the Western Cape. 

"The call is on farmers, those who are producing food, not to panic. But to make sure that they are participating in the processes. They are part of finding a solution. The aim is not to disturb food production, but the aim is to bring justice to those who have been deprived of their own land," the minister said.

The department is involved in a court case over the total allowable catch for West Coast Rock Lobster Crayfish. 

The determination set annually by the department has become a contentious issue. 

Small-scale fishers hope the catch will be increased, and fishing rights distributed more equitably but activists say ensuring sustainability means reducing the catch.  

Zokwana commented, "we need to create the understanding to say when we fish in a way that we do not deplete future stocks. At the same time, we cannot undermine the living conditions of our communities. We should find a balance between the two."

The announcement of the next season's total allowable catch is expected later this month.