Foot and mouth disease | Didiza: It’s our worst outbreak ever

Foot and mouth disease has taken hold in 116 different areas in six provinces. Agriculture, land reform, and rural development Minister Thoko Didiza discussed this with eNCA's Sally Burdett. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Agriculture Minister Thoko Didiza says some exports have been halted due to the spread of foot and mouth disease in the country.

South Africa has recorded 116 cases of the disease in six provinces.

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The movement of cattle has now been banned for 21 days to curb the outbreak.

Didiza has labelled this as the country’s worst outbreak ever.

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"Obviously there are some leaks that we are undertaking that we really think there was a deliberate break of biosecurity," she said.

"We also are saying the management of the trucks and vehicles they use are cleaned because themselves they can be the spread of the disease."


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