Ellen Johnson Sirleaf refuses question on Charles Taylor

Former Liberia president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf walks out on the interview with eNCA’s Aldrin Sampear. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - Former Liberian president and one of Africa’s most famous leaders, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf walked off the set of eNCA's The First Citizen.

Johnson Sirleaf sat down with eNCA's Aldrin Sampear for what started out as a calm discussion on Africa and more specifically, Liberian democracy.

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But after being questioned on former Liberian president and war criminal Charles Taylor, Johnson Sirleaf called an abrupt end to the interview and walked out.

Johnson Sirleaf was the first African woman to become president in Liberia.

She restored stability after years of chaos and bloodshed.

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And yet, she was accused of nepotism, with several relatives taking top jobs in government.

Watch eNCA’s Aldrin Sampear in conversation Johnson Sirleaf, exploring a life full of twists, turns and, ultimately, a life full of firsts.

eNCA’s Aldrin Sampear sits down with Johnson Sirleaf, exploring a life full of twists and turns and, ultimately, a life full of firsts.