Analyst calls for review of medical parole laws

Correctional Services Commissioner, Arthur Fraser, has admitted to overruling the parole board to free Jacob Zuma. He says the Medical Advisory Board did not recommend medical parole for the Former President. According to the board, Zuma was in a stable condition. For more, Gareth Edwards speaks to political analyst, Oscar Van Heerden. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - One Political Analyst says South Africa's medical parole laws should be reviewed.

There's been concern the rules are being abused in favour of those in power.

READ: Zuma placed on medical parole

Former president Jacob Zuma is out on medical parole after serving just over two months of his 15-months prison sentence.

The Medical Advisory Board says Zuma is in a stable condition but Correctional Services Commissioner, Arthur Fraser, granted the parole.


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