Fuel Prices | Petrol down, Diesel up on Wednesday

The government has dismissed Liquid Fuel Wholesale Association's comments about the imminent shortage of fuel in the country. 

File: Fuel seen dripping from a pump. AFP/Nelson Almeida


JOHANNESBURG - There is some respite for motorists this month as the petrol price is expected to drop on Wednesday.

But, there's little relief for consumers as diesel prices are set to increase.

Data from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy confirmed that the price of 93 octane will go down by 89c a litre while the price of 95 octane will go down by R1.02c a litre.



Diesel is showing an under-recovery, recording an increase of between 10c and 15c per litre.

Analysts say the difference in the prices of diesel and petrol boils down to supply and demand.

There is a high demand for diesel due to the high demand for electricity generation.


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