Gang-related crimes growing across South Africa

The Western Cape is plagued by gangsterism, especially the Cape Flats. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Several communities around the country have been plagued by gangsterism, in Lavender Hill in the Western Cape at least 14 people were killed in gang-related violence since Thursday.

Community leader Clive Jacobs says police visibility is not enough and the community is living in constant fear.

"When the need is there for SAPS to come around, they are never around, it is complicated to get hold of them because there are other journeys and stuff and they refer you to other police officers but I feel like police are so visible because of the way we live", said Jacobs.

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Meanwhile, Westbury is another one of the communities plagued by gangsterism, a woman was killed there last year after she got caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between rival gangs.

This prompted Minister of Police Bheki Cele to send in a special unit to deal with gang violence.

Most recently, a gang leader's death has caused mayhem in Westbury and the community is living in fear.

A gang leader's death has caused havoc in the area and the community is said to be living in fear. Courtesy #DStv403

Durban has gang-related problems of its own with the reality of gangs operating in and around the coastal city came to the fore last week.

The alleged boss of the Phoenix Bloods gang Kalvin Periasamy was killed in a parking garage at the Gateway Mall. 

He was buried on Saturday.​

In Durban gang related crimes and killings are rampant.