GBV epidemic | Crash reveals truth of woman's death

Buyisiwe Dube was stabbed to death on Monday evening. No one really knows what was going to happen to her remains, but police believe her friends were on their way to conceal her body when a terrible car accident happened. Masego Rahlaga has more on this bizarre story. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The family of a woman stabbed to death in Mpumalanga says it's relieved a car accident revealed the truth about her death.

Buyisiwe Dube was killed at a party, allegedly by her boyfriend after an argument.

Simiso Sikhakhane then allegedly convinced another couple to help him conceal her remains.

However, after putting the 33-year-old's body in the front seat of her car and making their way to Newcastle, the group collided with a truck.

Sikhakhane and Dube's best friend were killed and the partner was badly injured.

Sibusiso Mathebula is in critical condition in hospital and facing a charge of defeating the ends of justice.

Dube's family is hoping he reveals the whole truth.

* eNCA's Masego Rahlaga reports.


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