Gender violence shelters in need of funding

Just some of the shocking statistics around gender-based violence in SA. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Shelters for victims of gender violence are crying out for funding, that’s according to a report released by the Commission for Gender Equality.

The commission says shelters can play a crucial role but a lack of funding seems to be curtailing their efforts.

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The commission's study randomly sampled three shelters in each province --- one government-funded, one partly government-funded and an independent shelter.

“We have five times higher global average of femicide, highest incident of rape in the world – glaringly high number of protections orders per annum,” said Nthabiseng Moleko from the Commission for Gender Equality.

“All shelter in SA are really crying out for funding – particularly those funded by the department.

“Some of the findings were the timing were not timeous, some were paid late putting pressure on the work required. Minimum standards for infrastructure for all shelters were not the same.”

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It also raised concern over the lack of a standardised approach to assist survivors of the LGBTI communities.

The report recommended that public hearings be held with the Social Development department to find ways to address the challenges.

The department, meanwhile, has welcomed the report, saying it will continue to cooperate.


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