Giving up is not an option: Zondi

Cheryl Zondi addressed the media on the implications of Judge Mandela Makaula’s recusal from the trial.


JOHANNESBURG - Cheryl Zondi, the first witness in the Timothy Omotoso rape trial, briefed the media on Tuesday on her views regarding Judge Mandela Makaula’s recusal from the trial.

The 22-year-old will have to face Omotoso again and retell the details of her alleged rape.

Zondi said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has not been in touch with her following the news of Makaula's recusal, but she does anticipate that she will have to testify again.

WATCH: Zondi addresses judge Makaula’s recusal

"The NPA has not officially reached out to me to tell me how this recusal is going to affect me but I do read the news and the bottom line is that I am likely going to have to start testifying all over again, from scratch, as if nothing happened last year," said Zondi.

Zondi said she never anticipated becoming a beacon of hope to several women who have been through similar experiences. 

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"There are people out there that I think about every day, children, young women and men who have been through what I have been through and worse."

"Their watching and waiting to see if I am going to give up and I want them to know that I'm not. Giving up is certainly not an option," added Zondi.