Growing public support for Cheryl Zondi

PORT ELIZABETH - Cheryl Zondi's testimony in the rape trial of Nigerian pastor Timothy Omotoso and two others has rallied public support.

Social media comments suggest many South Africans sympathise with her and see her courage.

Zondi has fielded what many argue were gratuitous questions from Omotoso's attorney.

On Tuesday, she detailed a confrontation with the man she accuses of raping her when she was a teenager.

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Now, Omotoso's attorney Peter Daubermann is being questioned over his own behaviour in court.

In the last two days, Judge Mandela Makaula has at times intervened, putting a  stop to some of Daubermann's questions.

A few advocates agree that the point of questioning witnesses is to obtain their version, and test it.

But there are limits.

"He’s condescending, he’s accusing and we are not seeing it for the first time," said Soul City Institute CEO Lebo Ramofoko.

"You as the person who has accused somebody of rape, you really stand on trial."

The trial resumes on Wednesday.