Guptas controlled a parallel state: Maseko

JOHANNESBURG - Former government communications head Themba Maseko continues testifying at the state capture inquiry on Thursday.

He says he was fired because he refused to give the Gupta family millions in government advertising.

Maseko says the instruction came directly from former president Jacob Zuma.

LIVE VIDEO: Maseko continues testimony at state capture inquiry

Maseko was en route to Sun City when he was reportedly contacted by Ajay Gupta demanding a meeting.

The two reportedly argued with Maseko stating Gupta was not in the position to make any demands of him.

Maseko stated he reported the matter to former minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad and Kgalema Motlanthe.

Shortly thereafter, the former communications' head discovered he had lost his position by watching a news broadcast.

WATCH: Themba Maseko testifies at state capture inquiry

Maseko says there's evidence the Gupta brothers were controlling a shadow state.  

Advocate Vincent Maleka asked: "I'm going to read it as transcribed, 'this is how the system works now'. Do you know what system Mr Gupta is referring to which was not there but was going to work from that point onwards."

Maseko replied: "Chairperson the impression I got was that we were in a state where there was a parallel state in place. A parallel system of government where decisions about procurement and other government decisions were now taken in the compound.

"And by 'that's how the system works', he meant, he issues instructions to anyone in government.

"If you don't comply you are summoned to Saxonwold and they either reprimand you and if you still don't co-operate they pull out the big guns.

"These big guns in my view would be the president at the time and that's what he meant when he said this is how the system works now."