Hani killer Walus pleads for freedom

PRETORIA - Lawyers for Janusz Walus say the Justice Minister ignored parole board recommendations when denying a previous request for his release

Walus has been in jail for nearly 25 years for the assassination of SACP leader, Chris Hani

Yet another legal bid for Walus' parole took place at the North Gauteng High Court. 

His legal team says a report given to the Correctional Services minister by the chairperson of the parole board is incorrect.  

That report argues that Walus is likely to re-offend and is therefore not fit for parole. 

But Walus's lawyer says the minister ignored the fact that he had completed various rehabilitation programmes, including anger management and life skills classes.

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His legal representatives say he has shown remorse for his crime on several occasions and has also apologised to the Hani family for taking their husband and father.

Walus's South African citizenship has been revoked and his legal team says if he were granted parole, he should be deported to Poland.
A deportation order was issued, but according to the department, it was withdrawn.

The minister's legal representative says his refusal of parole is based on parole reports and psychological reports. 

The SACP believes Walus still hasn't told the full truth, and should, therefore, remain behind bars.

Limpho Hani, Chris Hani's widow, also attended the court proceedings.


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