Harber says EFF matter was an attack on journalists

JOHANNESBURG - Veteran journalist Anton Harber says the EEF's allegations were an attack on journalists.

Harber added that he hopes the court case will provide further protection for journalists.

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"We hope this case will prevent these kinds of attacks on journalists and journalism in the space in which we live, operate and work."

Harber also says politicians, public officials and public figures need to be forced to be held accountable for what the says in public.

"This was damaging and the damage does not necessarily stop when you refute the allegations."

The EFF apologised and retracted allegations made against Harber and Thandeka Gqubule.

It had claimed the two worked for apartheid propaganda unit, Stratcom.

Both Harber and Gqubule denied the allegations.

The High Court ordered the EFF to apologise to the pair and for the party's spokesperson to pay the journalists RR40,000 each in damages.

The South African National Editor's Forum is welcoming the ruling.

Watch the full interview with veteran journalist Anton Harber above.