Hawks probe Free State housing project

Incomplete and vacant houses have simply been gutted for what little was in them. Some residents taking to relieving themselves on the floor. With no electricity, one generator to a spaza shop provides the only noise you'll hear. Courtesy #DStv403

BETHLEHEM - The Hawks are investigating corruption allegations linked to a housing project in Bethlehem.

Several Dihlabeng municipal officials and community members recently gave statements to investigators.

The Vogelfontein housing project started more than a decade ago.

There are nine qualifying criteria each ward councillor had to consider when placing a person on the list.

A whistleblower says they were told 20 beneficiaries from each ward would be chosen.

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The whistleblower claims this left 13 houses for each councillor to allocate as they wished.

The houses are reserved for the poor, the elderly, and the unemployed.

Tampering with housing lists isn't only criminal, it completely undermines the very reason that housing projects are started in the first place.

The Hawks investigation continues.

Reporter eNCA Michael Appel has an exclusive report in the video above.

The Hawks are investigating claims of corruption, linked to a housing project in the Free State. Courtesy #DStv403