Health Department: COVID-19 vaccines are safe

The Health Department maintains that COVID-19 vaccines are perfectly safe and that none of the 29 reported deaths was linked to it. However, you are urged to seek medical attention should you experience any severe side effects after receiving the jab. Anlie Hattingh spoke to National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee Chairperson, Professor Hannelie Meyer. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Health Department maintains COVID-19 vaccines are perfectly safe.

National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee Chairperson, Professor Hannelie Meyer, says when you weigh up the odds of dying from COVID-19 and getting the rare fatal side effect, the vaccine proves to be more than safe. 

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"The vast majority of side effects are very mild, they are not severe and they are expected," said Meyer.

"Your body is reacting to the vaccine, it's showing that your body is building protection against the vaccine."

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To date, more than 9 million vaccines have been administered.

Meyer urged the public to report any side effects.

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It was also announced that South Africa can now produce its own locally manufactured COVID-19 rapid test kits.

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has given it the thumbs up.

Local biotech company CapeBio says it's a milestone for our country to expand the scale of testing that can be done in labs.

South Africa can now produce its own locally manufactured COVID-19 rapid test kits. SAHPRA has given it the thumbs up. Local biotech company CapeBio and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research are behind the production. CapeBio CEO Daniel Ndima tells us more. #DStv403


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