COVID-19: Health Minister warns SA of second wave

South Africa has seen a substantial rise in COVID-19 infections since lockdown Level 1. The country has over 600,000 positive cases and over 17,000 deaths. Has the second wave arrived? Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize spoke on the COVID-19 situation in the country. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The second wave of COVID-19 will arrive soon if we are complacent and forget about masks and social distancing. That's the warning from Health Minister Zweli Mkhize.

Over 600,000 positive cases and over 17,000 deaths have been recorded.

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Mkhize said the number of infections has been around 10,000 per week for about five weeks and there has been a increase in cases in the past two weeks. 

"We have to be very realistic here and not deal with it emotionally or try to create a controversy about it," Mkhize said.

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"It's a straightforward issue, that we cannot tell whether we will get a second wave or not but the risk is there. At this moment, we have not seen a rise that is indicating there is a second wave but we can't say people must be complacent," the minister said.

"COVID-19 is still with us,especially if we start thinking that we should be complacent and forget about masks and social distancing.

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"Those are the risk that we have to carry but if we are not careful it can arise quickly...but we can still contain it if we all follow containment measures."

Africa accounts for 17 percent of the global population but only 3.5 percent of the reported global COVID-19 deaths.

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