Heavy holiday traffic expected on the N3

Traffic on the N3 is expected to climb, as holidaymakers head home. N3 Toll Concession spokesperson Praveen Sunderlall speaks to eNCA.

DURBAN - Wet road conditions are hindering driving out of KwaZulu-Natal on Sunday but traffic control authorities say they expect most people will be moving from Monday morning.

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N3 Toll concession spokesperson Praveen Sunderlall said traffic volumes have been generally low on Sunday, indicating holidaymakers are still in the province.

Sunderlall stated Monday morning will probably see high levels of congestion on the roads as people make their ways back to their homes after the Easter weekend.

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He said the N3 Toll Concession would be expecting 2,500-3,000 cars per hour on the busiest thoroughfare in the country.

The spokesperson praised motorists for adhering to the rules of the road and stated there have been no fatalities on the N3 in KZN reported so far.