City of Cape Town wins case against refugees

The court has ordered the refugees in the City of Cape Town to abide by the by-laws. Courtesy #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - The High Court in Cape Town has ordered refugees to comply with municipal by-laws.

The city approached the court after the refugees refused to leave the Central Methodist Church and surrounding areas.

The more than 700 refugees have been living there since October last year, impacting local businesses, while they demand to be resettled to other countries.

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The City of Cape Town has no jurisdiction inside the church to ask the court to evict them and thus the ruling isn't an eviction order.

The court granted an interim order which states the refugees must abide by the city's municipal by-laws and this only extends to the refugees and asylum seekers living outside the Central Methodist Church

The refugees are demanding to be moved and resettled to other countries.