High expectations at Cannabis Expo

It's promising visitors the opportunity to learn all there is to know about cannabis, and ensure they are clued up about the laws, permits, and the equipment needed to grow the best marijuana. Govan Whittles is at the expo for us. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Cannabis expo opens in Menlyn, Pretoria on Thursday, but there won’t be any puffing and getting stoned.

The exhibition is the first since the historic Constitutional Court ruling that legalised cultivation and possession in personal spaces.

It remains illegal to trade in dagga, or in seeds, therefore no actual marijuana will be allowed on the premises.

Legal weed: What you need to know

The expo will showcase different growing techniques.

International and local experts will explain the legalities of using the plant.

The event will be hosted annually around the country, moving to Cape Town and Durban.


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