Hope remains for District Six claimants

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JOHANNESBURG - The next phased group of District Six claimants will move back to the area as early as next year, that is if everything goes according to plan.

This follows a court order compelling the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development to produce a detailed plan for the redevelopment of District Six, including time frames, funding and the method to be used to allocate houses to claimants.

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The court has set Tuesday 17 December as the deadline.

The 11th of February 1966 is a date etched in the memories of thousands of former District Six residents.

It's the day the apartheid government declared their neighbourhood a whites-only area.

Claimants say for 20 years the ANC government also did not have a concrete plan for District Six, and ministers paid lip services to the restitution process.

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District Six Working Committee Chairman Shahied Ajam says, "The actual plan would entail what type of apartments or houses are we going to give these people. What type of perks are coming with these apartments? For example, if we speak of no tax and rates for 10 years to which they are entitled to because its part of the restitution process in terms of healing."

While some claimants have been resettled in District Six, more than a thousand are still waiting.

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