IEC says audit not required

The IEC had until 11 this morning to appoint an independent audit firm to review the election results. Several small political parties have threatened to take legal action if their grievances aren't dealt with.

PRETORIA - IEC Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Sy Mamabolo said an audit is not part of the legislative requirement for the commission.

Mamabolo was speaking in reference to several small parties who threatened to take legal action if their grievances were not met.

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They say the election wasn’t free or fair and they're citing a number of irregularities.

Their demands were contained in a letter sent to the electoral commission on Friday.

The African Transformation Movement, Black First Land First and the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party are among the small parties raising the issues. 

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Mamabolo stated the commission has exceeded by conducting a sample study operated by Stats SA.

The statistician general Risenga Maluleke will present the sample study at midday.

Mamabolo said politicians should stay away from taking a few problems and generalising them.

"If double voting has happened it must have been on such a grand scale as to influence over 17 million voters.

"Assuming that it has happened, the scale can't be so significant that it influences the overall outcome of the election," he said.

Putting things in perspective, Mamabolo explained, to have a meaningful impact, 45,000 people would have to vote more than once.

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He also provided information about the people arrested for double voting.

According to Mambolo, the group of people who attempted to vote more than once were caught as a group, at one voting station by the presiding officer at work there.


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