IEC urgently investigating electoral irregularities

Smaller parties are raising various issues with the IEC about the election. Concerns include the quality of ink markers and allegations about double voting.

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PRETORIA - The IEC is conducting an 'urgent audit' assessing the extent of double voting, raising concerns the results won't be announced as planned on Saturday.

Multiple complaints have been raised across the country regarding voting irregularities ranging from double voting to shortages of ballot papers.

IEC commissioner Mosotho Moepya said there is "absolutely nothing we will hide".

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There will be an audit with the IEC pulling a sample of flagged areas across the country.

Bigger parties aren't kicking up too much of a fuss at this point.

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DA federal chair James Selfe said "if that figure is negligible then obviously we aren't worried about it but if there's a large number it brings the entire election into question."

ANC deputy secretary-general, Jessie Duarte said "it's very difficult to judge but we certainly wouldn't ask for a recount. We think from the way the IEC is dealing with it."

But smaller parties are agitating for the entire election to be run again.

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The IEC's also pouring cold water on a report suggesting Russian intelligence could have played a hand in the election through a disinformation campaign.

Elections around the world have issues that call their legitimacy into question.

It remains to be seen whether the final results of the election will be announced on Saturday at 6 pm as planned.


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