IRR launches campaign to save DA from itself

The SA Institute of Race Relations wants to save the DA from itself. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The SA Institute of Race Relations (IRR) wants to save the Democratic Alliance from itself.

It's launched the #SaveTheOpposition campaign.

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The institute says the current political space in the party calls for introspection.

"If you look at the constitutional reality they are the official opposition but they are not the entirety of the opposition, so I don't think the advice we give them is just specifically applicable to the DA,” said Analyst and writer at IRR, Hermann Pretorius.

“But we have to be honest about the current political reality - the DA is in conversation of some introspection in search of some re-definition perhaps so now as a classic liberal think tank we've been doing this for 90-years so we know when to spot an opportunity to really get into a conversation and make sure that the classic liberalism that we were so criticized for by the National Party and by the ANC that that remains a relevant factor, in especially a party like the DA that calls itself a liberal party."

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Last week, Pretorious, in an opinion piece, called for DA leader Mmusi Maimane to resign.

He, however, said #SaveTheOpposition campaign is not about removing Maimane.

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