Covid-19 in SA | No need to test after isolation

The Covid-19 infection curve has plateaued. That's according to Health Minister, Joe Phaahla, who was giving an update. He says the country is in a stalemate where there is no significant increase or decline. Let's get more on what the minister and his team said from eNCA's Aviwe Mtila. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa’s scientists are scratching their heads a bit when it comes to the latest Covid-19 trend of infections.

While there are no real alarm bells right now as new cases are generally on the decline, Health Minister Doctor Joe Phaahla did reveal that instead of flattening the curve, we find ourselves plateauing.

Phaahla said if you've been hospitalised for Covid-19, you need to isolate for seven more days upon being discharged.

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After this, testing again won't be necessary.

He says health workers who've also been infected must take extra precautions when returning to work.

"Moderate to severe cases will usually entail hospitalisation. After discharge, they need further seven days of home isolation and after that no need for testing.

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"Going back to work for health workers must be with an N95 mask," he said.

Government says it's still struggling to get those between 18 and 34 jabbed.

Only 33 percent of this age group has been vaccinated so far.

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The over-60s continue to lead the pack with just under 70 percent vaccinated.

"The most difficult and biggest in population of 17 million are the 18-34 [age group] and we're still struggling to reach 6 million, we're still at 33 percent of coverage for the 18-34 years of age," the minister said.


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