It's all a conspiracy, says Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has withdrawn from the State Capture Inquiry and says the allegations against him are false.

JOHANNESBURG - Former President Jacob Zuma maintains corruption allegations against him are just a part of a greater conspiracy against him.

He was addressing supporters in Parktown after the state capture commission adjourned. 

Zuma has agreed to resume his testimony at a later stage after dropping his decision to withdraw.

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"There has been a conspiracy that I got to know about in 1990 hatched by three intelligence organisations," he said.

"I took one point only where they conspired to character assassinate the name of Jacob Zuma and they've worked all these years to implement that plan."

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Zuma told his supporters that the name of the state capture inquiry suggests it was a farce from the beginning. 

He's calling out the commission's terms of reference for being designed to target him. 

Zuma maintains there's nothing wrong with his relationship with the Gupta family.

eNCA reporter Govan Whittles spoke to some of Jacob Zuma's supporters to get their reaction on this morning's development.


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