It's getting hot out there, but water restrictions remain in Joburg

JOHANNESBURG - While Gauteng is feeling the heat with a heatwave in full force on Tuesday, residents are being cautioned that water restrictions remain in place in the city. 

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eNCA Weather’s Candice McKechnie has the details about the heat wave being experienced in Gauteng this week and what you can do to protect yourself from the sun and heat.

According to Joburg Water, the city is still experiencing level one water restrictions, which means the city appeals to customers to use water sparingly.

Gardens should only be irrigated between 6pm and 6am.

Customers are not allowed to hose down paved areas with drinking water.

The city has also warned that due to hot weather and increasing demand, it might be forced to limit flow from reservoirs which can result in poor pressures, but says it will only do so as a last resort.

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The good news is that the City of Tshwane is not currently imposing any water restrictions. 

However, that municipal authority has also warned that unless residents use water sparingly, water restrictions might have to be imposed. 




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