It's just a looting spree: ANC Gauteng calls on law enforcement

ANC Regional Spokesperson, Sasabona Manganye spoke with eNCA's Gareth Edwards. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC in Gauteng has distanced itself from violent protests currently spreading to parts of the province.

The party’s provincial spokesperson, Sasabona Manganye, says the ANC recognises that under lockdown regulations, mass gatherings -- including protests -- are not allowed.

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Manganye said the party is encouraging its members to not get involved in illegal actions.

"What is happening all over the country is criminality, it is not a protest that has anything to do with [former] president Zuma," Manganye said.

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"Even if you go and interact with those individuals in those scenes, some of them are talking about things that have nothing to do with president Zuma. I

"t's just a looting spree and that is why we are calling the law enforcement agencies to ensure that these people are arrested because what they are doing is criminal," he said. 


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