It's not about hair but Code of Conduct: DoE spokesperson

The Basic Education Department's Elijah Mhlanga speaks on conduct and safety at schools.

JOHANNESBURG - The responsibility to create a representative Code of Conduct lies with parents, according to the Basic Education Department's Elijah Mhlanga.

The spokesperson commented on the recent emergence of yet another incident of a child being punished by her school for wearing her natural hair.

Mhlanga "It's not really about hair, it's about the code of conduct, what does it say, does it embrace diversity?"

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Mhlanga urged parents to read and understand the code of conduct of the schools they send their children to and challenge them if necessary.

A grade nine pupil at Hyde Park High School faces detention this week because she wore her hair in a ponytail.

In 2016, there was a similar case at Pretoria High School for Girls.