It's a wrap: Biden buys tacos in boost for US restaurants

US President Joe Biden speaks with workers at Taqueria Las Gemelas in Washington. AFP/Nicholas Kamm

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden put his money where his mouth is with a surprise lunch visit to a Washington tacos restaurant.

The surprise jaunt from the White House saw Biden's heavily guarded motorcade descend on Taqueria Las Gemelas in Union Market.

Biden was promoting the newly opened Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which provides $28.6-billion in stimulus for one of the hardest-hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic.

And while at the restaurant, which is part-owned by Mexican immigrants, Biden did his bit for economic recovery by ordering a hefty lunch.

Co-owner Josh Phillips told that the most powerful man in the world's order consisted of four tacos and two quesadillas, one of them featuring chorizo with habanero salsa.

Picking up his order, Biden looked around and growled, jokingly, to his staff: "These are my tacos."


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