JHB multi-party coalition blames ANC, EFF for council meeting disruption


JOHANNESBURG - The multi-party coalition in the City of Johannesburg has given an update on last week's chaotic sitting.

They are blaming the ANC and EFF for disrupting the electing committee chairs.

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John Moodey from Action SA says plans are in place to ensure that chairpersons are elected on Tuesday.

Moodey said, "quite frankly, it is clear that the ANC and EFF are not prepared to accept democratic outcomes."

and they will use everything in their power to disrupt a democratic process. The ANC was clear that they will make Johannesburg ungovernable and they won't allow the election of chairpersons to continue."

"They threatened to mobilise communities that they will disrupt functionalities of regions in Johannesburg. The ANC holds on to power at the expense of other people."

"The multi-party coalition will not take this lying down. We will do what is necessary to ensure that democracy is upheld and the principals of democracy are adhered to and upheld," she said.

"There are plans in place for tomorrow [Tuesday] where the speaker will use legal process to ensure that the meeting continues tomorrow, and chairpersons are elected. If needs be we shall head to court. Political parties can be held liable for disrupting council processes and procedures."


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