Judgment on Roets apartheid flag case reserved

Judgment has been reserved in the contempt of court case brought against AfriForum's Deputy CEO Ernst Roets.

JOHANNESBURG - Judge Colin Lamont has reserved judgment in a case involving the apartheid flag.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation went to court after AfriForum's deputy CEO posted a photo of the old flag on Twitter.


He did so after a court ruled that it's hate speech to display the flag gratuitously.

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AfriForum has argued in court that Roets was only asking a question as part of his PhD research.

They added that it was a personal tweet and had nothing to do with AfriForum.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it’s in court on two principles: Constitutional value and non-racialism.

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Therefore, AfriForum must be held accountable.

Judgment has been reserved in this case.

Meanwhile, AfriForum plans to appeal the original ruling on the flag.