Kathrada Foundation fighting vaccine misinformation

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is on a drive to get South Africans vaccinated. The foundation started a door-to-door campaign to calm vaccine hesitancy. For more, Gareth Edwards speaks to Foundation’s Irfaan Mangera. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation is embarking on a door-to-door campaign in communities to encourage the youth to get vaccinated.

The foundation says there has been vaccine hesitancy amongst the youth due to misinformation.

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Ahmed Kathrada Foundation's Irfaan Mangera said: "Lots of stuff filters through WhatsApp groups and so on. There is information around all sorts of things that will happen to you.

"We, in fact in our own experience on the ground has shown us that people felt that taking a vaccine shot will kill them, people telling us a story about someone who lived around the corner or something like that and had taken the vaccine shot and they have passed on.

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"I think for us it was how do we get more information to people as some form of citizen science, and in fact just yesterday we agreed that now that the younger age groups are being brought in to be vaccinated I'm very excited for the first of September my cohort will get the shot," he said.

"We have said that we will be going again door to door in our communities to encourage a lot of the young people to do it because our own take is there has been hesitancy from youth and not to the same extent but I think it's still a large degree, people don't understand the science so we need to start breaking that down and making it more accessible, also we bringing in some sort of report and stats to people to explain what the vaccine does and how it works and all of that."


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