'The president lied to us': activist

Keep your promises. That's the message Khoisan activists have for the president. #eNCA

JOHANNESBURG - Khoisan activists are staging a protest at the Union Buildings and are claiming that President Cyril Ramaphosa lied to them when he said he would address their concerns two years ago.

This is not the first time these activists camp at the doorstep of the Presidency. 

In 2017, the activists staged a sleep out for almost a month and even embarked on a 17-day long hunger strike in an effort to get the ear of the President.

The activists are also demanding to be recognized as the first people of South Africa.

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Khoisan activist Hendry James says they want their language to be official.

"We only speak Afrikaans we want the president to make our language official," James said.

Activists are being forced to wait as the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department is still trying to appoint members to a commission that will deal with Khoisan matters.