Klawer Killing | Community demands justice

eNCA's Ronald Masinda has more details. #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - The community of Klawer in the Western Cape is calling for government and all relevant parties to help in ensuring that justice is served.

Daniel Smit admitted to killing 13-year-old Jerobijin van Wyk earlier this year and then chopping up his body.

Angry residents protested outside the Klawer magistrate's court where Smit was appearing.

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Many who came to support the family of the teenager say they want justice and will stop at nothing until his self-confessed killer rots in jail. 

Van Wyk's mother also displayed her anger in court, throwing a bottle as the 56-year-old accused was about to leave court.

The matter has been postponed until the end of June as the state has also requested more evidence to be brought forward.


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