'Krugersdorp Killers' to spend life behind bars

The three Krugersdorp killers, calling themselves Electus per Deus or Chosen by God heard their fate on Monday. Courtesy of #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - The three Krugersdorp killers calling themselves Electus per Deus -- or Chosen by God -- have been sentenced.

Cecelia Steyn, Marcel Steyn and Zak Valentine were found guilty on 32 counts, including 11 murders they committed between 2012 and 2016.

Cecilia Steyn has been sentenced to at least 13 life sentences, Valentine to at least eight life sentences and Marcel Steyn to at least seven life sentences.

The group killed 11 people in Krugersdorp between 2012 and 2016.

Marcel's mother, Marinda Steyn, is currently serving 11 life terms and 115 years in prison.

Her brother, Le Roux Steyn, is serving 35 years and another member, John Barnard, is serving 20 years.