KZN flood victims still homeless after five months

Over 70 people died and thousands were displaced. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN - Victims of April's Durban floods who were housed in community halls say the provincial government is neglecting them.

Over 70 people died and thousands were displaced.

Over 200 people were housed at Burlington Community Hall.

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The group says they still have nowhere to go.

Government is denying neglecting the group. It says relocating people is a complex issue.

“They feared that land was far and I remember in some instances they said the land had some crocodiles and so forth,” said KZN Cogta spokesperson Lennox Mabaso.

“So we’ve got continuously engage with the communities until they agree and also making them aware that in a centre like eThekwini you are running short of land next to economic activities.”

Mabaso says they will continue talking to the group until a viable option is found.