KZN floods | Probe into Transnet building evictions

Flood victims who unlawfully invaded a Transnet building in Durban have been evicted. They are among those whose homes were swept away in this year’s deadly floods in KwaZulu-Natal. eNCA’s Lethiwe Mdluli spoke to some residents and filed this report. #dstv403

DURBAN - The Social Development Department has dispatched a team to investigate the eviction of KwaZulu-Natal flood victims from a Transnet building.

There has been an outcry over the living conditions and overcrowding in shelters, leading to some residents invading buildings.

Those that sought refuge in community halls say they were caught by surprise when their belongings were thrown out and they were locked out of the building.

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This forced many residents to desperate measures in looking for shelter. 

In giving an update on government support for flood victims, the Department of Social Development’s Director-General Linton Mchunu admits the department is aware of the eviction.

“My team is on the ground as we speak going to the Transnet shelter that has been closed.

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"I’ve been talking endlessly to the DG of Public Enterprises about this matter and Transnet and I wanted to ask what were the reasons and what is the status quo," Mchunu said.

"As soon as the team comes back from that shelter we will give a full update on that Transnet challenge. Last night I was on the line talking to DG’s and colleagues at Transnet finding out what is the context around this and that we are sending a team on the ground today [Thursday].”

The case between the flood victims and Transnet heads back to court on Friday.

* eNCA’s Lethiwe Mdluli reports.


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