Land committee in race to finish oral submissions

JOHANNESBURG - Parliament's Constitutional Review Committee is in a race against time to complete oral submissions that will help them determine whether to amend section 25 of the Constitution.

The committee conceded several weeks ago that it would miss its deadline to submit a report to the National Assembly.

But they’ve promised to complete the work by the end of next month.

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Parliament's Constitutional Review Committee will spend two days being briefed by 13 interest groups.

It's the second round of oral presentations after weeks of public hearings and hundreds of thousands of written submissions.

Most submissions on Thursday either leaned towards a more robust land reform process or an amendment to section 25.

Asked by MPs whether land expropriation without compensation could lead to racial conflict, the African Farmers Association said no.

They're already talking to different farming associations, including those representing mainly white farmers.

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“We do not believe there could be race wars. We have been working closely with the three other unions Nafasa, NAFU, and also AGriSA... What is good is that recently we announced a collaborations where we working towards ar national agricultural plan. And we all agree the current land reform situation is not feasible,” said Vuyo Mahlati of the African Farmers Association.

On Friday the Committee will be briefed by more interest groups, including the FW De Klerk foundation.

Their input will centre around the proposed amendment of the constitution.